Game Grades: Clippers defeat Jazz 101-97




Another great game played without scoring a ton of points — to be honest, if the trio Crawford-Hawes-Griffin keeps scoring at this rate, he won’t have to. But when needed the most, Paul came through with a big 3 to tie the game before Crawford’s go-ahead bucket. Classic #PointGod stuff here.. PG. Los Angeles Clippers. CHRIS PAUL. B

Los Angeles Clippers. J.J. REDICK. C. Coming off an excellent game, <strong><a href=. SG

C-. Somehow, even Douglas-Roberts scoring 10 points — the most by any Clippers small forward this preseason — felt underwhelming. It’s the story of the small forwards this preseason. If anything, CDR making shots (4-of-7) is a great sign is a great sign going forward, but things still seem a bit off in regards to Douglas-Roberts blending in with the team. Hopefully, this is an issue time can fix.. SF. Los Angeles Clippers. CHRIS DOUGLAS-ROBERTS

B. Up until the second half, <strong><a href=. PF. Los Angeles Clippers. BLAKE GRIFFIN

B. Affecting the game without the ball. That’s been the goal for Jordan through the last season + the preseason and tonight was an excellent representation of that. Playing in 38 minutes, it’s most likely we see little of Jordan tomorrow versus Denver.. C. Los Angeles Clippers. DEANDRE JORDAN


If scoring points wasn’t the games objective, Farmar’s outing would look better. But it is and Farmar’s 0-for-4 shooting won’t cut it. The 4 rebounds, 3 assists, and 1 steal looks good thgouh.. PG. Los Angeles Clippers. JORDAN FARMAR. C

JAMAL CRAWFORD. A+. Age doesn’t exist to <strong><a href=. SG. Los Angeles Clippers

If <strong><a href=. SF. Los Angeles Clippers. MATT BARNES. F

A-. Some time throughout the season, we’re gonna have to create a Seattle-based nickname for Hawes and Crawford. Resembling the Trail Blazers preseason loss, Hawes joined Crawford in the 20-point territory, scoring 24 points (3-of-7 from three). Defensively, he’s what we expected him to be, but through four games, Hawes is delivering the Clippers a presence they sorely lacked last season.. C. Los Angeles Clippers. SPENCER HAWES

Los Angeles Clippers. EKPE UDOH. I. For those who aren’t sure what I stands for, “I” = incomplete. With Rivers going with Hawes + Griffin/Jordan lineups in the absence of <strong><a href=. PF

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