Links: Blake Griffin’s jump shot is all the rave


Following the Clippers opening preseason game, the general consensus observation was “WOW, Blake Griffin’s jumper!”

And rightfully so.

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As a fifth year power forward, one of the few holes remaining in Griffin’s game was his inability to consistently knock down perimeter jump as well as his inefficiencies on the defensive end. With Griffin’s mundane defense tied into genetic deficiencies (he has alligator arms if you haven’t noticed), all eyes have angled to seeing if Griffin can turn the corner as a jump shooter.

And after last names exhibition game, it looks like Griffin is on his way to becoming a knock-down mid-range shooter. Here are a few recaps around the internet about Griffin’s jump shot, including a side-by-side comparison of Griffin’s new form in comparison to his old one.

The Footage

The Linkage

Matt Moore – VIDEO: Blake Griffin has 3-point range, which is terrifying – (CBS Sports)


Mike Prada – Blake Griffin’s new jump shot should terrify the NBA (SB Nation)

"Actually improving a jump shot requires more than mental tricks. Shooting coaches walk a tight balance. Tinker too little with a player’s shot, and the same issues remain. Tinker too much, though, and the player has no frame of reference and loses their precious confidence. (Unless you’re coaching Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, who needs loooots of tinkering).Upon close examination, Griffin has struck this balance. On the left is one of the six shots he made in the first quarter on Tuesday night. On the right is a missed jumper from last February from the same spot with the same kind of pass delivered to him."

Rahshaun Haylock – Clippers’ Blake Griffin has confidence in improved jumper (Fox Sports West)

"The Clippers all-star forward watched film of the shots he took last season but shouldn’t have. He wasn’t pleased with a lot of the shot selection he exhibited.“It’s extremely frustrating watching the tape and you’ll be like ‘Oh, why’d you shoot that?’ knowing that the better shot was coming here, or if I step over this far, a better shot’s coming or I have more time,” Griffin said.Tuesday he unveiled the new findings and found himself in a flow quite early. Griffin had 14 points in the first quarter before finishing with a game-high 24 points on 9-of-17 shooting. He also grabbed a game-high 12 rebounds.He made the only three pointer he attempted and also knocked down a deep two with his toe on the line."

Michael Lee – Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin not done dunking, but jumper is improving (The Washington Post)

"Griffin has worked diligently with Clippers shooting coach Bill Thate over the past two seasons, correcting more than a dozen flaws that Thate found in his shot. And during a Clippers’ preseason-opening, 112-94 loss to the Golden State Warriors – the first of the post-Donald Sterling era — Griffin’s improved jumper was a more startling development than the new theater lighting at Staples Center.“It’s just the confidence really, when I’m open I’m going to shoot it,” Griffin said. “Because you just feel it’s going in. But I’m not strictly a jump shooter now. I still got to do the things I used to do, the things that got me here.”"

Ben Bolch – Clippers’ Blake Griffin shows he’s at home from range (The Los Angeles Times)

"Griffin was easily the most prolific long-range shooter during the Clippers’ 112-94 loss to the Golden State Warriors. That’s saying a lot considering he shared the floor with sharpshooting teammates J.J. Redick and Jamal Crawford as well as the Warriors’ Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.Griffin had 24 points and 12 rebounds while making nine of 17 shots, including seven jumpers and his only three-point attempt, revealing he is a threat to score wherever he touches the ball in the half-court.“It’s just the confidence, really,” Griffin said. “When I’m open, I’m going to shoot it because you just feel like it’s going in. But I’m not strictly a jump-shooter now. I have to do the things I used to do, the things that got me here.”"