Why the Clippers were true winners of the All-Star Game

Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Clippers
Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Clippers / Harry How/GettyImages

If there is one thing in life that many have realized, it's that there is always just a small window of opportunity. Life comes at you fast. Some say that life can come at you with just the blink of an eye. We all want to be successful in life. The one thing we know is when you have a moment of opportunity to succeed at anything, you have to seize the moment.

The LA Clippers realized that when they traded for James Harden. He has proven to be the missing piece that they truly needed. It started off a bit rocky in the beginning. However, it seems to be smooth sailing now. 

Having James Harden has taken a lot of pressure off of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. As a matter of fact, he may be the reason why they have been playing at such a high level this season. They both were announced as NBA All-Stars. 

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George win in the end

Leonard and George both played well. George scored 13 points on 5/9 shooting from the field. Meanwhile, Kawhi Leonard scored five points on 2/4 shooting from the field. The scoring and the efficient field goal percentage are nice. Although the Western Conference All-Stars lost this game, both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George won in the end as they managed to have the least amount of time played in this meaningless game. 

The end game for this Clippers team is to cross the finish line. To do so, they must remain healthy down the stretch. Having limited minutes will contribute in the load management of them both. Kawhi has won in this league multiple times already. However, James Harden, Paul George, and Russell Westbrook all have a chip on their shoulder as they have yet to do so.

The time is now for the Clippers. They will play the remainder of this season fairly healthy and eager for the playoffs to start so they can make their title run at the Larry O’Brien Trophy.