Which Bulls trade target should the Clippers pursue?

Alex Caruso, Zach LaVine, LA Clippers
Alex Caruso, Zach LaVine, LA Clippers / Emilee Chinn/GettyImages
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Trade rumors are always relevant in the NBA, where the outlook for any team can change in a hurry with the addition of new players. After they sacrificed consistency for the sake of adding another former MVP, it is clear the LA Clippers will not be hesistant in taking any good trade opportunities in front of them.

One of the most mentioned teams in recent trade talks is the Chicago Bulls, who continue to struggle on the court and inch closer and closer to blowing up their roster. They currently have several players that would potentially be of interest to the Clippers. Here, we will look at whether each one is worth pursuing for LA.

Zach LaVine

Arguably the most prominent Bulls player in the mix to be traded is Zach LaVine. One of the top shooting guards in the NBA, rumors about LaVine possibly being on the move have grown exponentially in recent weeks, especially after he left the court without speaking to Chicago's PR after their home win over the Heat.

Trading for LaVine would likely involve a huge package of players and picks, as he is one of the most coveted players in the league right now. Trying to acquire him would likely not be worth it for the Clippers, given that they would almost assuredly have to give up James Harden or Russell Westbrook to make that happen.

Since LA is already struggling to build consistency, trading for LaVine would likely create more problems that it solves, since it would require yet another reset of the team's offensive philosophy.

Verdict: Pass