The Ugly truth about Russell Westbrook's game

Los Angeles Clippers v Golden State Warriors
Los Angeles Clippers v Golden State Warriors / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

Many feel that this is the year for the LA Clippers to make the leap and finally get to the NBA Finals. They compete at a high level night in and night out against everyone in the NBA. They play hard on both ends of the floor too. In corporate America, good leadership is essential to any company being successful.

When you look at the LA Clippers, good leadership is at the top of the food chain there with owner Steve Ballmer. He is passionate about the team and he is especially passionate about winning and being successful. If you don't have good management in place to set the example for the rest of the company, then your odds of achieving your goals won't come to fruition.

Under Steve Ballmer is the coach of this team, Ty Lue. Not only has he shown that he wants to win in this league, he has displayed that he can win in this league. Lue has won in this league as a player and a coach. He is now looking to continue to add to his resume and add another trophy as a head coach.

The staff and players of this LA Clippers team are hungry. They want to win too, including Russell Westbrook. He has shown himself to be a winner too as he has won multiple MVP awards. However, he is still missing the NBA Finals trophy.

Russell Westbrook is a player in the league that you feel compelled to root for. He is willing to run through a wall for his teammates. He's not afraid to dive on the floor for loose balls, draw an offensive foul call, or even stick up for his teammates when things get chippy.

The glaring hole in Russell Westbrook's game

The addition of James Harden was something the Clippers desperately needed to happen. As great as Russell Westbrook has been throughout his career, he is now in the perfect position coming off the bench. He is a willing rebounder, defender, and always looks to make the right play to find his teammates. However, one ugly truth about his game is his inability to make shots on a consistent basis.

In the NBA today, your point guard or primary ball handler has to be able to make shots from the perimeter consistently. Russell Westbrook simply doesn't excel in that aspect of his game. Thank goodness they were able to acquire James Harden.

Russell Westbrook shot 1/9 against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night. That kind of performance from the field tends to hurt the team as opposed to helping them. Although Russell Westbrook has helped the Clippers this season, shooting performances like that have not and could ultimately hurt them in the end.