Rumors indicate Paul George trade could be just a few days away

There is increasing evidence that Paul George's departure from the Clippers could come sooner rather than later.
Paul George, LA Clippers
Paul George, LA Clippers / Justin Ford/GettyImages

We are all well aware of the ramifications of Paul George's free agency situation at this point. The LA Clippers' offseason hinges on his decision, and he has just four more days to choose to exercise his player option for the 2024-25 season.

Should he pick up the option, signs are pointing toward George doing so in order to execute a sign-and-trade with the help of the Clippers' front office. Of course, he can also still decline his option and enter free agency to pursue the kind of big deal he reportedly desires from another team.

The reports that have come out to this point have been deliberate about George being adamant in his desire to return to LA. He wants to remain a Clipper, but under the stipulation of being paid the type of high-salary, multi-year contract he wants. Everything we have heard to this point indicates the Clippers being unwilling to accommodate his request, which makes it feel likely a split is coming.

The latest bit of news on this topic came from NBA Insider Brian Windhorst, who said that Paul George could choose to opt into his player option and end up being traded by as soon as this coming weekend.

We may be on the doorstep of Paul George being traded

It seems that Windhorst may be making a simple factual statement more than letting us in on a rumor he has heard, but his logic certainly tracks. The free agency period will officially begin at 3:00 PM Pacific time on Sunday, June 30. That means that in less than five days, George could be on his way out of town and preparing to play in a new NBA uniform.

But Windhorst's words will likely be seen as a rumor by many, simply due to the number of other rumors we have already heard going around on this matter. Where there is smoke, there is often fire, and there has been a massive amount of smoke coming from the Paul George free agency discussions. Plenty of other teams appear interested in acquiring his services, and contract negotiation in LA does not appear to be going smoothly.

This is yet another reason for us to believe PG has already played his last game in a Clipper uniform. It would feel pretty shocking at this point to see him back in Los Angeles again next season. The Clippers likely realize things are coming to an end for their team's co-star, and ideally are doing everything they can to get a big return for him.