Ranking the Clippers' top 5 trade assets this summer

As the Clippers continue to pursue a championship, these are the top assets the team has to work with.
James Harden, Paul George, LA Clippers
James Harden, Paul George, LA Clippers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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1. Paul George

The other half of the Clippers' superstar pairing created in 2019, Paul George has been nearly as effective as Kawhi since 2019. Of course, he has suffered from his own injuries as well, and his limited availability and usefulness has been just as big a factor in the Clippers not living up to their potential over the last five seasons.

George's paycheck for next season could look similar to Leonard's if he opts to pick up his player option. But if he declines, that is where things could get really interesting. Several teams around the association have been rumored to have interest in George as a second star next to their already-established franchise player.

Combine that with the fact that his injury history is viewed in a slightly more positive light than Kawhi's, and it makes plenty of sense that PG is the Clippers' most valuable trade asset. He may be two years older than Leonard, but George can still likely be a 1B on a championship squad, and there will be a healthy market for his services this summer. If LA ends up executing a sign-and-trade for Paul George, it is likely they would get a bigger return than they would for any other asset they own.