Ranking 6 Clippers free agents by likelihood to return next season

The Clippers have several upcoming free agents this summer. This is how they stack up in terms of probability to return to LA.
James Harden, LA Clippers
James Harden, LA Clippers / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Moussa Diabate

As we move a bit further down our list, we are beginning to get to the players that are perhaps less likely to re-sign. We must remember that an extension is something that has to be agreed upon by both the player and the team. In the case of Moussa Diabate, there is reason to question why the organization would prioritize bringing him back.

After appearing in just 11 games over the course of the whole season, there has been very little Moussa has shown us to justify re-signing him. He could be fodder for an offseason trade, but there would appear to be a slim-to-none chance of the Clippers falling over themselves to bring him back.

5. Daniel Theis

The situation with Daniel Theis is an interesting one. He was of course only brought on this past season as a replacement for the injured Mason Plumlee, and was never intended to be a part of this team. With that said, he produced surprisingly well for much of the middle part of the season, exhibiting great chemistry with the Clippers' guards.

But when he regressed a bit to end the year, the team turned back to Mason, and now it seems LA will be choosing between one or the other this offseason. Ultimately, it feels like they are much more likely to go with the center that began the year with the Clippers last season.