Paul George hints at exciting new plans for Clippers next season

The Clippers' star revealed some new details on his podcast this week.
Paul George, LA Clippers
Paul George, LA Clippers / Cole Burston/GettyImages

Could life possibly get any better for fans of the LA Clippers? Their team is currently in the middle of a positively dominant stretch where they have won 22 of their last 27 games and looked like one of the favorites to take home a championship. Even a close loss to Cleveland Monday night can't truly dampen the mood.

As it turns out, the answer to the question posed is yes. Going on his podcast earlier this week, Paul George hinted at some surprising new changes that could be taking place for the Clippers next season. When the team officially begins playing their home games at the Intuit Dome next year, other changes are set to be on the way as well.

When George's guest dropped a comment about how long it has been since the Clippers wore a red uniform, Paul couldn't resist hinting that red uniforms would be coming back next season. "Something in store for you next season," said George.

Paul George hints that the Clippers will once again have a red jersey next season

Many Clippers fans will be thrilled to hear this news. The team has mostly stuck with the same uniform concept since the 2015-16 season when the cursive font was officially dropped from the rotation.

Not only is the red coming back, but it sounds like the designs are highly appealing as well. "They're fire too," said George. "It's gonna be the favorite for sure."

This is yet another exciting change fans in LA will undoubtedly be looking forward to next season. And in the meantime, the Clippers continue to put a high-level product on the floor as well.

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