Montrezl Harrell shares shocking story about Paul George from Clippers days

The former Clippers wing recently shared a tale about Paul George from his time with the team that will shock fans.
Paul George, Montrezl Harrell
Paul George, Montrezl Harrell / Harry How/GettyImages

The LA Clippers' current era is coming to an end. For the last five seasons, Paul George was one half of the dynamic duo that captained the Clippers' ship, leading them to four playoff appearances and three playoff series victories. He was an integral part of one of the most prosperous times in Clippers franchise history.

But now, a new era will begin as George departs for Philadelphia. Many fans are understandably frustrated with how he left, especially considering the new details of how the contract renewal talks went. But there is no doubting the effect PG had on this organization over the five seasons he spent in Los Angeles.

Recently, one of George's former Clipper teammates, Montrezl Harrell, shared a shocking story from his time with the organization. Everyone remembers the Clippers' unfortunate trip to the bubble in 2020, and the ugly playoff loss they suffered in blowing a 3-1 lead to the Denver Nuggets.

Beyond that, many are also aware of the past reports that the Clippers showed favoritism and gave "preferential treatment" to both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard during that season, to the point that it bothered some of the other Clippers players. Harrell's story gives some insight into that development, along with his perspective on it.

Harrell says he threatened to "knock out" Paul George

According to the former Clipper, an incident occurred between he and PG during their second round playoff series with Denver in September 2020. During one of the games against the Nuggets, Montrezl explained that there was a breakdown in communication defensively. Seeing a screen being set on a Jokic-Murray pick-and-roll, Harrell called out for a switch.

But George did not switch, instead opting to fight over it, leading to a bucket from Jokic. Doc Rivers immediately called a timeout. As the team gets to their huddle, Montrezl was calling out Paul George. "Bro, that's a switch, P," he said. "No, I thought -," responded George. "Bro, ain't no 'I thought,'" said Harrell back. "It's a switch, bro. Everybody in this s--- knows the coverage but you." Then, things began to really get hectic.

George took offense to the way he was being called out. "Hey, who are you talking to?" he asked back. Montrezl was clearly not having it. "I will knock you the f--- out, bro," he said. "You're tripping. You was wrong, bro. You're wrong."

Harrell goes on to say he regretted overreacting in the heat of the moment, and acknowledged that game was likely the beginning of his relationship with the Clippers ultimately souring. This story certainly gives us more background as to how that playoff series went south. Chemistry issues like this one are not easily resolved, and the Clippers may have been doomed from this moment on.