Latest stat shows the Clippers' star is officially back in a big way

Kawhi Leonard has been on an absolute tear in the last month.
Kawhi Leonard, LA Clippers
Kawhi Leonard, LA Clippers / Jonathan Hui-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who follows the NBA knows how special of a talent Kawhi Leonard is. For the last four and a half years, fans of the LA Clippers have been given a front row seat to see the two-time Finals MVP showcase his one-of-one offensive prowess and overall team-elevating abilities.

Coming into the season, there were questions about if Kawhi was still "the guy" and many wondered if he had lost a step after several potentially debilitating injuries in the last few years. But it is safe to say that this season, he has resoundingly shut down those doubters.

Kawhi has once again been the driving force behind one of the best teams in the Western Conference, and he has the Clippers in position to make a deep playoff run. One stat was recently revealed that shows just how dominant Leonard has been as of late.

According to Synergy Basketball on X (@SynergySST), Kawhi Leonard was the top player in the league in offensive efficiency during the month of December.

Kawhi was the NBA's most efficient offensive player in December

This statistic was calculated using points per possession of all players to record at least 12 possessions per game, and Kawhi outpaced all of his NBA peers by a wide margin last month in this category. The difference between the second most efficient player (Dante Exum) and the first (Leonard) was bigger than the difference between the second player (Exum) and the tenth (Norman Powell).

This demonstrates just how ridiculous Kawhi's dominance on the offensive end of the floor has been this season. When it comes to high-level scoring output, no one in the NBA does it more efficiently than Leonard.

Clippers fans will be thrilled to see the unbelievable production they have seen on the court categorized in an official statistic. Kawhi's standard stats typically measure up to the eye test anyway, but this number holds an even bigger encapsulation of his mastery of the game.

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