Lakers finally have a reason to be envious of the Clippers

The Lakers may be a more historically successful franchise, but the Clippers have finally given them reason for jealousy.
Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James
Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Historically, the LA Clippers do not have nearly the pedigree of success in the NBA that the Los Angeles Lakers do. As one of the founding franchises of the league and playing their inaugural season back in 1947-48, the Lakers have had much more time and significantly more advantages in becoming one of the most relevant professional sports franchises in the United States.

Clippers fans may not want to hear it, but it's the truth. The Lakers have won 17 championships, while the Clips are still searching for their first. The Lakers have 61 All-NBA first team selections all-time, the Clippers have just five. The list goes on and on. But despite the vast difference in history, the pendulum has swung in the Clips' favor in recent years. The Clippers currently hold a record of 30-9 against their rivals over the last 10 seasons.

Even while the team in Purple and Gold employs the likes of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, both the "Lob City" era teams and the Kawhi Leonard-led squads have had considerable success against the Lakers. Even more recently, there is another factor making it increasingly obvious that the Lakers are envious of the Clippers.

One reason many Clippers fans are remaining optimistic of their team's situation is Head Coach Tyronn Lue. He has proven time and again how valuable he is. Lue may not be a perfect coach as everyone is flawed, but there is zero doubt he has raised the Clips' ceiling over the last several seasons. Meanwhile, in Laker land, the Lake Show is still desperately searching for a reliable coach.

LeBron James wants Ty Lue as the Lakers' coach

As the Lakers continue struggling to find someone who can lead their roster, there has to be increased jealousy of the Clippers' situation. According to one Eastern Conference executive, if LeBron were to have his way, Lue would be coaching the Lakers.

This is far from surprising given the history between the two. Ty was the Cavaliers' coach back in 2016 when the team completed a historic comeback and brought Cleveland its only NBA championship. There is an obvious connection there, and it is easy to believe James would like to have his former coach back on the sidelines.

If I were LeBron, I would feel the same way. Consistency matters, and bringing back an old reliable friend would feel like the perfect way to begin to make sense of the Lakers' current situation. The Lake Show is about to bring in their seventh coach in the last 13 years, and they just can not seem to get it right.

That is one of the biggest and most obvious departments where the Clippers have a clear advantage over their cross-town rivals right now. The Lakers may have history on their side, but the Clips' stability at the head coaching position is unmatched.