5 Clippers who won't last the entire season in Los Angeles

LA Clippers, Russell Westbrook
LA Clippers, Russell Westbrook / Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Russell Westbrook

Westbrook is a nine-time All-Star and former MVP. There is no questioning his greatness or ability to put up numbers. He made a massive impact after arriving in Los Angeles in Feb. 2023. He gave the Clippers the ball-handler and playmaker they needed, and the franchise hid his shortcomings better than the Lakers. His fit on this roster seems problematic.

Westbrook needs the ball in his hands to be most effective. James Harden has taken over as the team’s top playmaker, and fans have seen that the two just cannot play together for extended stretches. That leaves Westbrook to be the sixth man and lead the second unit.

His minutes are down to a career-low 27.7 per game and dropping as Harden takes over the point guard duties. Will Westbrook be happy not starting or being part of the closing lineup? Does he ask out before the deadline? The 35-year-old could be waived and available to any contender on the buyout market.

The LA Clippers are all-in on winning right now and will look to upgrade their roster before the Feb. 8 trade deadline. Can they find a deal that works given their limited draft capital? There will be plenty of rumors that fans won’t want to miss, so please stay tuned for all the latest.