5 Clippers who won't last the entire season in Los Angeles

LA Clippers, Russell Westbrook
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3. P.J. Tucker

The Clippers wanted Tucker in the James Harden deal, but he has struggled in LA. His playing time has been inconsistent as the veteran is a zero on offense at this point in his career. In his prime, he was a strong corner 3-point shooter who teams could not leave open. Now, Tucker cannot buy a shot and is averaging just 1.3 points per game.

The Clippers cannot afford to play five-on-four in the postseason. Yes, Tucker started and played 26.7 minutes per game for the 76ers in the playoffs last season, but the 38-year-old looks to have hit a wall. Tucker has been teammates with Harden for years, which should ease the transition. If he does not play better, the Clippers must move on.

Tucker is making $11.0 million this season with an $11.5 million player option for 2024-25. His mid-tier salary could pair nicely with another deal to land another $20-plus million per season player in LA.

P.J. Tucker can play the five and be impactful defense. It is his offensive game that must be there for the 6’5 forward to stick in the rotation. Fans should not expect too much. There will be forgettable nights and moments, but the Clippers should be focused on getting him right for the playoffs. Having Tucker on the bench could be a difference-maker in a series, but that only works if he is willing to take open jumpers.