7 Clippers whose futures are up in the air this offseason

These Clippers are question marks to return next season.
LA Clippers, Paul George
LA Clippers, Paul George / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
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2. James Harden

Harden accepted his player option last summer and demanded a trade from the 76ers. He wanted to go to the Clippers and forced his way there early in the regular season. For a stretch, LA looked like the best team in the league and fans did not get to see them at full strength in the playoffs.

The Clippers want to bring back Harden, and his options in free agency are likely limited. He is not returning to Philadelphia. It seems unlikely that he would want to join a rebuilding team like Detroit or Utah. That leaves just the Thunder and Magic as playoff teams with cap space. Both feel like unlikely destinations for Harden.

Can he find common ground with the Clippers? Kawhi Leonard took less than a max contract to stay in LA. They are trying to curb their spending and create options to improve their roster. Having three max players does not work with the current rules, and Harden can no longer live up to that deal. How much is he willing to give up?

Expect the two sides to work it out, but there is some uncertainty. It only takes one suitor willing to offer a max to lure James Harden away. It feels like things are even more uncertain with a fellow Clippers star.