Kevin Garnett has a message for one Clippers player

Kevin Garnett, LA Clippers
Kevin Garnett, LA Clippers / Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

In many ways, the NBA is a fraternity. While there is an obvious competitive nature between current players, there is a certain brotherly love that exists between past and current generations as well. Many former players enjoy mentoring newer guys and helping them find their way in the league, and the LA Clippers are no exception to this trend.

NBA legend Kevin Garnett is well-known as someone who takes it upon himself to be a guiding influence to current players. We saw him sit down with Oklahoma City Thunder rookie Chet Holmgren not too long ago. Recently, Garnett delivered a message to one current Clippers player via social media: Bones Hyland.

Responding to Bones' post, Garnett said simply, "stay locked, stay ready." He is in all likelihood referring to Hyland's lack of playing time in LA recently, encouraging him not to get down on himself or hang his head.

Kevin Garnett delivered an encouraging message to Bones Hyland

This is a very nice sentiment from the former NBA MVP, and one that should lift the spirits of the young Clippers guard. Many may be wondering what kind of connection Bones and Garnett have for this kind of interaction to take place.

Hyland appeared on Garnett's podcast, 'KG Certified,' a few months ago. It appears that the two formed a solid bond over their conversations on the podcast, and now Bones has the Hall-Of-Famer in his corner.

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Bones Hyland has played just 13 minutes in the Clippers' last four games. But with the help of Kevin Garnett, it looks like he is taking the right mindset going forward.