Kawhi Leonard's shooting slump is a total nothing-burger

Kawhi Leonard, LA Clippers
Kawhi Leonard, LA Clippers / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

After a difficult start to the James Harden era, the LA Clippers have re-focused and won four of their last five outings. Though there is still a long way to go, fans should be encouraged they are already winning games against some of the best competition in the Western Conference.

But even with the Clippers' improved play, some have been concerned with Kawhi Leonard's performance this season. On the surface, it appears to be a legitimate point, as he has logged several rough games with some poor shooting performances.

It is natural to wonder about the Clippers' star when considering age and his history of injuries. But once you dig a little deeper, it becomes clear to see that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to Leonard.

Clippers fans do not need to worry about Kawhi Leonard

Yes, Kawhi has had a few very bad shooting nights this season, none worse than when he went 2-for-12 with eight points against the Mavericks on Sunday. But in the NBA, games like this are bound to happen and are not necessarily an indictor of a larger problem.

Very few players in this league can say they have been the best player on a championship team, but Kawhi Leonard is one of them. He understands top to bottom what winning a championship is all about, and rough games in November should be a non-story for a player of his caliber.

Leonard's supposed slump becomes even less of an issue when you look at his actual shooting numbers. He is still shooting 45% from the floor and 37% from three, both of which do not fall far below his career averages.

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We must remember that Kawhi Leonard played all of last season coming off a serious ACL injury. In his first season since the injury where he is fully healthy and has not missed a game, him having a few off nights is perfectly natural as he gets re-acclimated.