James Harden for Dummies: How the LA Clippers should utilize their newest acquisition

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With the likes of Mann and Tucker, they can choose to go small. Aside from Westbrook and Harden, Mann and Bones Hyland (though out of the rotation for the foreseeable future) can play the point. Powell is another offensive threat who could see minutes over Harden or Westbrook if he is creating offense for himself.

The fourth quarter is where things can get complicated. With four future hall-of-famers and a deadly sharpshooter in Powell, who gets the last shot? It's a good problem to have, but, at its core, it is still a problem.

In the past few games, Lue has decided to take out Westbrook and, at times, sub in a smaller Tucker or Mann for a traditional big like Zubac. While taking out the team's only big man against Nikola Jokic wasn't the best of ideas, there is good reason to sideline Westbrook in the final minutes.

The Clippers may want Westbrook on the bench toward the end of games

Westbrook isn't the most consistent long-range shooter, shooting just 31.3 percent from beyond the arc this season. Not to mention, the 2016-17 MVP can't quite create shots the way Harden does, and he is known for his reckless play and unnecessary turnovers in the final quarter.

The ideal solution is keeping the starting lineup but replacing Westbrook with Powell in the final minutes. Powell has taken and made many clutch shots in his career, and is knocking down threes at a 45.5 percent clip. And it's obvious why Harden, George and Leonard should stay on: they are all superstars who have lived off of moments like these.

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As concrete as this plan may be, it's not foolproof. A team of superstars has not always escaped its eventual collapse. Tyronn Lue and the Clippers will try to be one of the few exceptions.