Hornets announcer has surprising comment on Clippers fans

Terance Mann, Terry Rozier, LA Clippers
Terance Mann, Terry Rozier, LA Clippers / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

During the LA Clippers' contest with the Charlotte Hornets on Tuesday, an unsuspected moment occurred during the opening minutes of the first quarter.

As the two teams tipped off and play began, Hornets commentator Eric Collins noted that this was the first of two consecutive contests in Los Angeles for Charlotte, as the Eastern Conference team will face the Lakers two days from now at Crypto.com Arena.

Immediately following this comment, Collins also noted that he is more fond of Clippers fans than Lakers fans. It was a quick passing comment, but one that fans of both the Lakers and Clippers likely took note of.

Eric Collins noted his preference for Clippers fans over Lakers fans

As we know, Clippers fans will seize any opportunity to take a dig at Laker fans, and vice-versa. The fact that Collins made it known that he prefers to be around Clippers fans says a lot about the two fanbases.

Many around the NBA know Eric Collins as one of the most electric and passionate commentators in the association. His calls of big plays and moments for the Hornets have gone viral on social media over the years. The fact that a color commentator as well known and respected as him made this comment gives the statement some extra credibility.

In addition, a lot of NBA fans already have a negative view of Lakers fans. Warranted or not, the fanbase has a reputation of being entitled.

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Eric's comments are sure to make Clippers fans smile, as well as lead to the annoyance of Lakers fans.