Gordon Hayward chats with Paul George about comparisons to talented rookie

The two competitors talked about a common comparison with a current rookie.
Paul George, Gordon Hayward, LA Clippers
Paul George, Gordon Hayward, LA Clippers / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

As many fans of the LA Clippers are aware, Paul George is one of the most prominent current NBA players when it comes to the media side of things. The incredibly talented two-way wing routinely showcases his talent off the court with the continued production of his own show, Podcast P With Paul George.

On the latest episode of the pod, George brought on his fellow draft classmate and current Charlotte Hornets forward, Gordon Hayward. Some may not know that the two were actually drafted with back-to-back picks in the 2010 NBA Draft.

The two talented wings swapped stories and chatted for the course of more than an hour on the podcast. At one point, George asked Hayward about his experience playing with Hornets rookie and second overall pick Brandon Miller.

Paul George and Gordon Hayward talked about the comparisons between PG and Brandon Miller

Hayward had high praise for the rookie, noting his readiness to learn and respect for those around him. He also made note of the elephant in the room: the fact that many have drawn comparisons between PG's game and Miller's (segment in video can be found at 1:08:00 mark).

Much of this is because Miller has gone on record saying he grew up watching and emulating George's style of play. Gordon addressed the comparisons directly himself.

"I think it's because of how smooth his movements are and how easy he makes the game look. He's got to get a little bit stronger too ... I think once Brandon puts on the weight, which you can see he's got the body that he'll do that, I think he's gonna be a real problem for people in this league."

The Clippers' star and Miller already sat down on Podcast P together this past summer, after Brandon was drafted by the Hornets. As more young players come into the NBA, there will inevitably only be more young talents that grew up shaping their games after Paul George.

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