Full new contract terms for James Harden's return to Clippers revealed

James Harden has officially re-signed with the Clippers, and the full details of his new contract are out.
James Harden, LA Clippers
James Harden, LA Clippers / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

The LA Clippers were swift with their decision to re-sign James Harden. After coming to Los Angeles in an early season trade with Philadelphia, Harden proved his value to this team by committing to a role that would help them maximize their output. After a solid season, some thought other teams like the Lakers may be able to lure him away, but the Clippers' front office prevailed.

It is clear that the Clippers are angling to remain in contention despite the outcome of the Paul George situation. Already having an extension for Kawhi Leonard and now getting Harden back in town are big steps toward achieving that, but they will need much more to be in the conversation with the Denvers and the Minnesotas out West.

Full details of James Harden's new contract with the Clippers

According to The Athletic's Shams Charania, James Harden is signing a two-year, $70 million contract to return to Los Angeles and help the Clippers work toward their goal of a championship. Harden's new deal reportedly includes a player option in the second year of the contract.

Assuming Harden plays out both years of this contract, he will be 36 years old at the conclusion of the 2025-26 season. This will likely be the last contract he earns while still playing at a high level in the NBA.

Even so, he showed himself to be a valuable piece as a distributor this past season. The Clippers will be in excellent position to continue playing at a high level with Harden back on board.