Former NBA champion thinks James Harden held the 76ers back

James Harden, LA Clippers
James Harden, LA Clippers / Michael Owens/GettyImages

There has been an incredible amount of discussion surrounding James Harden and his fit with the LA Clippers. While things are beginning to turn around for the team, there are still plenty of doubters that think they are doomed to fail with him.

One of those doubters is former NBA champion Rasheed Wallace. Appearing on an interview with Underdog NBA last week, Sheed revealed some of his surprising opinions on Harden and the Clippers.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Wallace follows the Philadelphia 76ers closely. In his interview, he detailed how he lost faith in the 76ers during Harden's tenure with the team. "I never was one for us (Philadelphia) when we had Harden," said Wallace. "I didn't cheer for it. Because I knew what type of player he was."

Rasheed Wallace saw James Harden as the problem in Philadelphia

Wallace's words may come off as overly critical at first, but he explains that his thinking comes from seeing Harden's offensive approach in Houston. "He's putting the ball on the floor at least 20 times per shot. It's hard to guard one dude for the whole shot clock," said Wallace.

"When he got traded to us, I knew it was going to mess up our chemistry ... With all the dancing, you're dancing for about 17, 18 seconds of the shot clock, now you're going to 911 somebody ... So his whole makeup for how the Sixers were, I think was a bad thing."

With the problems we saw between Joel Embiid and James Harden during their year and a half playing together, it would appear Wallace was at least partially right. Now, the former NBA champion sees the same issues coming for the Clippers.

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When Wallace's host suggested that we know how the story ends with James Harden, Wallace responded with, "You see how it's going." With every reasonable reason for skepticism, there will continue to be doubters of the Clippers' experiment until they ultimately prove it in the postseason.