Former Clippers recall their experience with disgraced former owner

Two "Lob City" era Clippers players talked about their experiences with the team, and recalled meeting Donald Sterling.
JJ Redick, Jamal Crawford, LA Clippers
JJ Redick, Jamal Crawford, LA Clippers / Harry How/GettyImages

Outside of the upcoming NBA Draft and free agency period, the LA Clippers have been near the top of the news cycle for a different reason lately. FX on Hulu's new docuseries, "Clipped," tells the story of the "Lob City" era Clippers, with a focus on the timeline surrounding disgraced former owner Donald Sterling.

Following a leaked recording of Sterling's conversation with his mistress in 2014, the then-team owner fell under heavy scrutiny due to the blatant racism in his remarks from the recording. There were protests condemning his comments around the league, and a few days later NBA Commissioner Adam Silver officially banned Sterling from the NBA for life.

Two former players who were on the Clippers' roster at the time, JJ Redick and Jamal Crawford, recently reflected on that time and shared stories in light of Sterling's story coming to the forefront of public discussion again. The pair appeared on Redick's podcast, The Old Man & the Three.

Redick and Crawford recalled meeting Sterling

Crawford explained that over the course of five years he was in Los Angeles, Sterling only came in the locker room one time. "I remember vividly when Sterling came in the locker room," said Crawford. "But he didn't get kicked out ... And he came with a group of people and he left when he left. But it wasn't as dramatic as [the show] made it seem."

JJ also had a unique experience with Sterling, who apparently was not very visible or around the team particularly often. "My only interaction with Donald Sterling ... we had a charity golf tournament in Palos Verdes at the Trump course there, and that was the only interaction I ever had with him ... I went up to him just to say hello, and I said, 'Hey Mr. Sterling, nice to meet you.' And he said, 'Hey JJ, I've heard a lot about you.' And that was the only words that I ever spoke to him."

This entire saga was a bit of a black eye on the Clippers at the time, and the punishment handed down to Sterling was among the most severe of any owner in American professional sports history. With all that in mind, it has to feel good for fans to see Redick and Crawford reflecting on that time with a bit more lighthearted attitude. It feels certain that more good stories and interesting moments will come from former players as "Clipped" continues releasing episodes.