DeAndre Jordan shares brand new details of Clippers' infamous tunnel incident

The Clippers legend shared some interesting details from the well-known incident between the Clips and Rockets in 2018.
DeAndre Jordan, LA Clippers
DeAndre Jordan, LA Clippers / David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

LA Clippers fans will never forget DeAndre Jordan and all that he accomplished for their franchise. Along with his teammates at the time in Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, DJ helped put the Clippers on the map as a truly relevant franchise and made them a top-tier Western Conference contender all throughout the 2010s.

DeAndre is the Clippers' all-time franchise leader in games played, offensive and defensive rebounds, blocks, field goal percentage, and multiple other statistical categories in the record books. His legacy as one of the five or so best players in franchise history is cemented.

That makes his appearance on Monday's episode of Podcast P with Paul George all the more interesting. The former Clipper legend joined a current (but maybe soon to be former) Clipper and the two enjoyed several interesting discussions regarding their careers, life experiences, and of course their time playing for the Clippers.

As they talked about some of the most memorable moments of DeAndre's time in Los Angeles, the infamous Rockets-Clippers game from January 2018 was brought up. With the public's knowledge of that night always feeling somewhat murky, Jordan was asked to describe what truly happened from the players' perspectives.

DeAndre Jordan described the behind-the-scenes story of the Clippers-Rockets controversy

What everyone does know is that the game in question was Chris Paul's first game back at the then-Staples Center since he had departed town for the Houston Rockets. There was a competitive vibe about the game from the start, but things heated up toward the end of the fourth quarter as physical play turned into resentment from the Rockets' side of things.

While explaining how several guys started getting into it after the game, DeAndre turns to Paul George to describe where exactly things went down after the final buzzer sounded. "You know how the hallway is, the visitor's side, if you walk through the back, you can get to the Clippers' locker room," said Jordan. "So I'm sitting at my locker ... and then all of a sudden I see the homie from the Rockets right here, and I'm like, 'What are you doing? You can't be up in here, get out.'"

DeAndre explains how that unnamed Rockets player refused to go away. "He's like, 'No, I'm looking for somebody ... I'm looking for that m-----f---er right there.' And I'm like, 'Nah, bro, you gotta get out of here' ... When I push him out to the hallway, I see the whole Rockets team."

Jordan said that all the Rockets players claimed to want to "talk" to one Clippers player within the locker room, something they were not going to allow. But at the end of the day, DeAndre recognized that much of what Houston did was likely just for show. "I don't think nobody in the league wants to fight," he said. "Security came in there and separated everything, and then it was dead after that. But it was quite animated."

For those who were following along at the time, most will recall how funny and bizarre this scenario was to outsiders. Fans were unsure who did what, and what exactly occurred. The new details Jordan provided certainly give a bit bigger picture view of one of the most well-known stories in recent Clippers history.