Data shows Clippers have one of the toughest shot-takers in NBA

Tyronn Lue, Kawhi Leonard, LA Clippers
Tyronn Lue, Kawhi Leonard, LA Clippers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

In basketball today, data and statistics are so much more than simply points, rebounds and assists per game. There are endless numbers that encapsulate the effectiveness of both players and teams in nearly every aspect of the game imaginable. As we have already seen, the LA Clippers are by and large a very statistically sound team.

Looking at specific players, there is certainly a wide spectrum between players who attempt easy shots versus ones who generally take difficult ones. More often than not, the players that take more challenging shots on average tend to be talented, high-level players.

With all the talent the Clippers have on their roster, it is not surprising that they employ one of the toughest shot-takers in the NBA: Kawhi Leonard.

Kawhi Leonard is among the most difficult shot-takers in the NBA

In recent data shared on social media, Leonard was revealed to be among the players who take the most difficult shots in the association. The numbers shared in this post showcase the shooting performances of tough shot-takers compared with their expected shooting numbers based on the difficulty of their shots.

According to the numbers, only 12 players in the NBA this season have taken harder shots on average than Kawhi. At the same time, only four of the 19 players listed are recording a higher effective field goal percentage than the Clippers' superstar wing.

Leonard is shooting 4.2 percentage points higher than his expected effective field goal percentage of 50.4%. He is one of eight players on the list to be performing at least 4.2 points better than his expected average.

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These numbers help to encapsulate the greatness of Kawhi Leonard. Very few players in a league of supremely talented athletes are taking and making more difficult shots than he is.