Clippers get reinforcements with Cam Christie: Instant reaction, analysis

The pick is in! With the No. 46 overall selection in the 2024 NBA Draft, the LA Clippers have selected a dynamic scoring wing.
Cam Christie
Cam Christie / Grace Hollars/IndyStar / USA TODAY

The LA Clippers went into the 2024 NBA Draft with just one selection in the 46th-overall pick. They left from the two-day draft with the University of Minnesota's Cam Christie, giving them a high-upside prospect to work with over the next several years.

The truth is, the Clippers were never going to get a game-changing player midway through the second round of the draft. The difference between the 40th and 50th pick is splitting hairs, and LA would have had to have traded way up to somewhere around the start of the second round to have found a true win-now, immediate impact type player.

But in the end, the front office was unwilling to make that kind of gamble, and that decision makes sense given the assets the Clippers have to work with. LA currently has no draft picks between now and 2030, putting them in an extremely difficult spot.

The Clippers got a prospect with high upside in Christie

The Clippers also probably want to wait to see what ends up happening with Paul George in just a few days. Once they know if their star player is leaving and what they are getting in return, it will give them a lot more leeway to make additional future decisions. In the meantime, Cam Christie is a pick that will give LA some raw scoring power.

Christie is unrefined, but he shows the potential of a tremendous three-level scorer. He is effective in the pick-and-roll and is an efficient shot-maker. He projects as the type of big guard or wing that will thrive in an NBA setting with considerable spacing.

Depending on how the rest of the Clippers' offseason ends up going, we may or may not see Christie earn a ton of real minutes in Los Angeles next season. If the Clips are still in position to contend for a championship, he will likely end up refining his skills in the G League, which is always worth it for a player's development.