'It was like a party there tonight:' The Clippers are putting on a spectacle for the basketball world

It has never been clearer that the Clippers are doing something special this season.
Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Clippers
Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Clippers / Harry How/GettyImages
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“Russ is intensity. He brings it every night, every possession," George said. "In a game like tonight when we were pretty flat, couldn’t make shots, you needed someone to give you that extra kick. And Russ definitely brought that extra kick.”

Against the Nets, Westbrook and Harden, much like their days back in Houston, were the one-two guys. Other times, it was an unflustered Leonard or a silky-smooth George putting the team on their back.

The Clippers' big four willed them to another poetic victory

It's as if four of the greatest musicians all went on a year-long national tour together, fusing their unparalleled talents in a way that transcends individual genius. The courts they grace transform into arenas of undeniable basketball wizardry, where every play peels a new layer of basketball brilliance. Sprinkle in an ever-so-energetic Steve Ballmer and a whole row of Hollywood's finest celebrities, the Clippers are must-watch TV.

For the time being, the excitement surrounding 'The Wall' and the season premiere at Intuit Dome will have to wait, but the Clippers, their players and fans alike, are writing their final chapter at Crypto.com Arena with fire and flair.