Ranking Clippers' gettable free agent targets by 3-point percentage

Free agent targets the Clippers could pursue ranked by their career marks from beyond the arc.
Paul George, DeMar DeRozan
Paul George, DeMar DeRozan / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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2. Kyle Anderson - 33.8%

Looking back at worthwhile bench pieces, the Clippers may want to take a hard look at Kyle Anderson. Other players on this list have a bit more star power or are considered a bigger name because they score more points or make flashier plays. But Anderson could be every bit as good a fit as any other name here, just for different reasons.

If Slo-Mo ended up a Clipper, he would unquestionably be coming off the bench, barring injuries. Anderson would essentially be the polar opposite of Bones Hyland. Whereas Bones comes in off the bench and brings the ball up the floor with the ability to hit killer dribble moves and drive to the hoop, Kyle's approach is a bit... slower.

Anderson is one of the top offensive connectors and cerebral role players in the NBA when he is at his best. During the 2024 playoffs, clips circulated of him essentially playing the role of a player-coach, directing his teammates where to go during a crucial play late in a game. He unfortunately had to undergo eye surgery last offseason, which left him to recover during the 2023-24 NBA season.

But now that he is more fully healed, his lower-than-expected numbers from this past season should not scare the Clippers off from giving him a chance.