Ranking Clippers' gettable free agent targets by 3-point percentage

Free agent targets the Clippers could pursue ranked by their career marks from beyond the arc.
Paul George, DeMar DeRozan
Paul George, DeMar DeRozan / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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3. Pascal Siakam - 33.0%

If the Clippers are interested in moving one of their current stars in favor of getting just a little bit younger in the starting front court, Pascal Siakam would have to be considered a dream option. It is safe to say that Kawhi Leonard is still the team's top offensive option, despite his injury concerns. He has already been inked to an extension with the Clippers, so the expectation is that if a star-level player will be moved, Kawhi is all but off the table.

So if Leonard is indeed still the face of this team, why not knock out two birds with one stone? The Clippers could get a high-level two-way performer to put next to Kawhi, while also giving him one of his former teammates with already-established chemistry. For those that do not remember, Leonard and Siakam played together with the Raptors when they brought Toronto its only NBA championship back in 2019.

Reuniting this duo would be an extremely exciting development for Clippers fans. Pascal was arguably the second-best player on that 2019 title squad, and LA would be able to expedite their integration of him into their schemes much more quickly than other stars that would need more time to develop chemistry with Leonard.