Ranking Clippers' gettable free agent targets by 3-point percentage

Free agent targets the Clippers could pursue ranked by their career marks from beyond the arc.
Paul George, DeMar DeRozan
Paul George, DeMar DeRozan / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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4. Derrick Jones Jr. - 31.6%

This past season, the Clippers' bench was noticeably thin. Each time multiple starters were forced to sit for LA, there was a noticeable drop-off in talent level. Thanks to some strong individual performances and excellent coaching by Tyronn Lue, the Clippers were still able to maximize what they had to work with, but they will want to get better further down the bench.

In doing so, they can become more well-rounded and give themselves a better chance against whatever playoff opponents they match up with next year. We saw how the Mavericks did this in adding Dereck Lively, PJ Washington, Daniel Gafford and Derrick Jones Jr. to their 2022-23 roster. Collectively, those role players are one of the main reasons Dallas is in the Finals right now.

The Clippers may even be able to snag one of those players in Derrick Jones. Signing with the Mavs on a one-year deal last summer, Derrick massively upped his value by putting up a career year playing alongside Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving. He averaged a career-high in points and three-point shooting percentage. LA will not be able to get him for as cheap as he was acquired last summer, but it is not hard to envision Jones putting up similar production alongside an excellent distributor like James Harden.