Clippers fans will love newest addition to the rotation

LA Clippers
LA Clippers / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages

One month into the James Harden era, the LA Clippers continue being one of the most unpredictable teams in basketball. In their last three games, the Clippers have now earned wins over two of the best squads in the Western Conference in the Mavericks and Kings, while also owning a puzzling loss to a depleted Denver Nuggets team in the same stretch.

Things are confusing at the moment, but the Clippers appear to be making progress nonetheless. As Head Coach Tyronn Lue continues figuring things out, more changes to his rotation will be inevitable.

Lue already revealed the latest change he plans to implement after LA's win on Wednesday night. Going forward, Lue will plan to give minutes to rookie Kobe Brown on a regular basis.

Tyronn Lue says Kobe Brown will be in his rotation

The Clippers' 30th-overall 2023 draft pick out of the University of Missouri, Kobe Brown has been looking for his opportunity. After playing 11 minutes in LA's 14-point win in Sacramento on Wednesday, it would seem he has struck gold.

Having your coach publicly announce that you have cracked the rotation not even 20 games in to your rookie season has to be a massive confidence boost for Brown. On a team where the coaching staff has been looking for answers, he will have the chance to become one.

It was mentioned by Tyronn Lue that he will plan to play Brown mostly at the four. This likely implies that he will be taking over the minutes that were originally to be occupied by P.J. Tucker. Many fans will be happy to see P.J. rest up after a rough start to the season.

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Brown can stake his claim in the rotation permanently with some solid production early. If he can replicate the 45% three-point shooting mark he held last season at Missouri, Lue will have no choice but to play him more.

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