Chris Paul reveals Scott Foster feud was already present in Clippers days

Chris Paul, Scott Foster, LA Clippers
Chris Paul, Scott Foster, LA Clippers / Steve Dykes/GettyImages

Many fans are aware of the longstanding controversy surrounding former LA Clippers point guard Chris Paul and referee Scott Foster. The two have been involved in several incidents over the years during CP3's NBA tenure.

Chris Paul infamously holds a 3-17 record in playoff games officiated by Scott Foster. He has been the receipient of numerous technical fouls handed out by Foster, the most recent of which came on Wednesday night.

In the second quarter of the Warriors' game against the Suns, Foster issued a technical foul to Paul for unsportsmanlike conduct. Then, Foster issued a second unsportsmanlike penalty against Paul when he continued complaining, which mean CP3 was ejected from the contest.

After the game, Chris Paul spoke to why he and Scott Foster have had issues over the years.

Chris Paul explained the reasoning behind his problem with Scott Foster

When asked why he and the referee have had a history of problems, CP3 put it blunty. "It's personal," said Paul. "We had a situation some years ago, and it's personal. The league knows, everybody knows ... It's just a situation with my son."

This is clearly an issue that is deeper than just basketball for Paul and Foster. When asked if he could expand on the situation with the NBA's best-known referee, Paul simply explained that they had met about it in the past. "Just know that I had a meeting with him, my dad, Doc Rivers, (NBA referee) Bob Delaney, and all us," he said.

One reporter speculated that this situation may have arisen during Chris Paul's days in Houston, but Paul confirmed it all began when he was on the Clippers.

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This continues to be a very interesting situation to follow. The eyes of every fan seem to fixate on the former Clippers guard and Scott Foster whenever they come together on an NBA court, and for good reason.