Best players remaining for Clippers after NBA Draft Day 1

The LA Clippers have one second-round pick on Day 2 of the draft, and these will be their best options to choose from.
Keshad Johnson
Keshad Johnson / Zachary BonDurant-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Clippers went into night one of the 2024 NBA Draft on Wednesday without a first-round pick to their name. Plenty of teams got better, including some of the biggest competition for the Clippers like the Timberwolves.

With just the 46th-overall pick to their name in this draft, the Clippers will want to make sure they really get a slam dunk with whoever they end up selecting in the middle of the second round. Plenty of talented players are of course already off the board, but LA will still have several solid options.

Paul George is theoretically on his way out of town, and the Clippers will need as much wing production as possible to supplant George's lost output. With that in mind, these are the best remaining players the Clippers should try to snag with the 46th pick on Thursday.

Keshad Johnson

Projecting as an ideal 3-and-D prospect, the University of Arizona's Keshad Johnson was a fifth-year senior this past season and will have the potential to be able to help the Clippers from day one. He averaged 11.5 point and 9.5 rebounds while starting all 36 games for the Wildcats.

Johnson impressed at pre-draft workouts with his high IQ defensively, as well as his elite physical tools, including a 42-inch vertical. He has the raw skill to contribute to an NBA team in his rookie year, and the Clippers should absolutely select him if he is still on the board at 46.

Harrison Ingram

A third year player from the University of North Carolina, Harrison Ingram brings a slightly different skillset to the table than Johnson. The 6-foot-5 wing also boasts strong defensive capability, but carries with him less physicality.

Ingram's strong suit is his shot-making - he can knock down shots from all over the floor while bringing solid playmaking skill as well. He could be a great fit to bring more offensive fire power to the Clippers in the wake of PG's assumed departure.

Tyler Smith

This one may be a bit of a stretch, as he will likely be off the board by the time the Clippers' pick comes around. But Tyler Smith of the G League Ignite is a similar 3-and-D build player that will have tremendous potential in the association.

One of the biggest advantages to selecting Smith is his prior experience. Playing with the Ignite means competing against other professionals before even entering the NBA. He may be the most-league ready prospect in the entire second round, and he fits the bill of what the Clippers will need to remain a contender next season perfectly.