5 Clippers who definitely won't be back next season

A few players on the roster are near guarantees to not be back in LA this fall.
Russell Westbrook, LA Clippers
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Bones Hyland

The 16th-overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft out of Virginia Commonwealth, Bones Hyland has now split his three career seasons between the Denver Nuggets and Clippers. Coming over to LA at the 2023 deadline via a four-team trade, Bones joined a new team seemingly in the same tier of contender as his old one.

But after finishing his first season as a Clipper, Hyland had to sit back and watch his former team make a run to the NBA Finals and take home the first championship in that franchise's history. As a competitive spirit, it seemed to be something that bothered Bones.

And who could blame him? Leaving a team and then watching them win a championship without you has the potential to strike a big blow into your confidence if you do not approach it with the right mindset. Headed into the 2023-24 season, Bones was ready to unleash his scoring prowess and show Denver a thing or two about what they missed out on in trading him.

But that goal was effectively put to rest the moment the Clippers traded for James Harden. Hyland's minutes plummeted, and he never quite got the opportunity he was hoping for. Situation must be considered, but Bones put up a career-low scoring average and shooting percentage this season. There is little reason LA would be highly motivated to keep him around.