5 Clippers who definitely won't be back next season

A few players on the roster are near guarantees to not be back in LA this fall.
Russell Westbrook, LA Clippers
Russell Westbrook, LA Clippers / Tim Warner/GettyImages
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Russell Westbrook

After a tumultuous season and a half with the Lakers, Russell Westbrook was in need of a change of scenery. At the time, the Lake Show was desperate to offload him as well. So when he was officially moved at the 2023 trade deadline to Utah, there was certainly a sigh of relief from both parties.

Not in a big rush to play for the Jazz, Westbrook sought a buyout and instead signed with the Clippers. From the jump, Russ on the Clippers felt like a night and day experience from him playing with the Lakers. There was considerably less pressure on him to perform given the circumstances, and Westbrook fell in nicely beside Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

But even with Westbrook's solid performance to end the 2022-23 season (capped off by a game-sealing block on Devin Booker in the playoffs), the Clippers knew he was aging and they were still looking to invest in reinforcements. So when they traded for Harden last fall, Russ was moved to the bench.

Seemingly happy to accept a bench role to help the team, Westbrook became the Clippers' sixth man. But in playing the lowest minutes average of his career this past season, it was clear Russ is not quite the player he once was. After signing him to a two-year deal last summer, the Clippers may try to find a way to move his now-expiring contract.