5 Biggest threats to steal Paul George from Clippers in free agency

These teams have the most potential to sign PG-13 away from LA this offseason.
Paul George, LA Clippers
Paul George, LA Clippers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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5. Indiana Pacers

Perhaps the most interesting team on this list is the Indiana Pacers. The place where Paul George began his NBA career, Indiana is currently knocking on the door of greatness. After earning the sixth seed in the East this season, there is plenty of reason to think Indiana could be one of the top teams in the conference for years to come.

When George was drafted back in 2010, he joined a Pacers team that was in the midst of a four-year playoff drought. He immediately helped bring the franchise back to the level of a playoff contender, and by year four, Indiana was the top seed in the East.

Remaining a Pacer until 2017 when he was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder, George helped put Indiana back on the map, and in many ways he paved the way for the success they are seeing right now. With Indiana seeming just one star away from reaching a new level, why not try to bring back their star of yesteryear?

Paul would be an excellent fit next to Tyrese Haliburton. But as is the case with any of these teams, a potential pairing only makes sense if it is a destination George desires. If PG truly sees his time with the Clippers as finished, there is certainly reason to think he may want to return to the place it all started for his professional career.