4 Under-the-radar potential trade targets for Clippers

A few under-discussed players could be worthwhile trade targets for LA.
Kyle Anderson, LA Clippers
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4. Gordon Hayward

The oldest player on this list, Gordon Hayward is no longer the All-Star he was back in 2016-17. But even so, he has shown flashes of being an excellent two-way forward that any team in the association would be happy to have around in the right role.

Playing with the Charlotte Hornets for the last four seasons, Hayward's main issue has been availability. For whatever reason, he has been plagued by a myriad of smaller injuries that have split up his time on the court. Whenever a player has trouble staying on the floor, consistency will naturally become a problem.

But in 2022-23, Hayward played 50 games for the first time since his arrival in Charlotte, and this season he has played 25 of a possible 32 games for the Hornets. There is still some concern for his ability to stay healthy, but he has been able to be on the floor for longer stretches.

Hayward has been a staple for Charlotte at small forward in all four of his seasons there, only coming off the bench one time in 168 games. The Clippers currently appear to feel pretty strongly about keeping their starters together given the consistency they have built, so this is likely another situation where Hayward would be forced to come off the bench if he were to end up in LA.

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