4 Under-the-radar potential trade targets for Clippers

A few under-discussed players could be worthwhile trade targets for LA.
Kyle Anderson, LA Clippers
Kyle Anderson, LA Clippers / Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Kyle Anderson

Another player that could be excellent in a bench role for the Clippers is Kyle Anderson. Jerami Grant's 2014 draft classmate would likely be extremely gettable on the trade market right now due to the underwhelming season he is having in Minnesota.

Anderson, nicknamed "Slo-Mo," is a unique player in the modern NBA. He is not overly athletic or a sharpshooter, but relies on his feel for the game to make smart plays. He is a solid on and off-ball defender, while he operates as a connector offensively. Despite all this, it is his play over the last two-plus months that has tanked his value.

In 2022-23, Anderson enjoyed a specular first season with the Timberwolves. With Karl-Anthony Towns injured for most of the year, Slo-Mo stepped into a starting role at power forward and thrived. He scored 9.4 points per game and shot a career-best 41% from three-point range. He was one of the reasons many were optimistic about Minnesota this season.

But the Timberwolves have risen to the top spot in the Western Conference this year in spite of his play, not because of it. Anderson's shooting has fallen off a cliff and he is making just 12.5% of his threes since October. But this is not reason to give up on a tenth-year player.

If anything, the front office executives who know Anderson's talent will see this as the perfect time to strike. Anderson's value is as low as it will ever be, and he could be the perfect addition to a Clippers locker room full of savvy veterans like himself.