3 Clippers who could be traded before the deadline

These 3 Clippers are prime candidates to be dealt at the deadline.
Bones Hyland, LA Clippers
Bones Hyland, LA Clippers / Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports
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2. P.J. Tucker

The conversation about P.J. Tucker's fit with the Clippers has been a season-long one. Essentially acting as the "throw-in" piece from the 76ers in the James Harden trade, there were not many expectations for Tucker in LA from day one. But he has still unfortunately been a big disappointment in his time with the team.

As of this writing, Tucker has not played in a game for the Clippers since November 27 when he logged six minutes and zero shot attempts against the Denver Nuggets. He is not the type of player that the Clippers planned to use heavily in the regular season, or one that would be expected to help with scoring much at all.

With that said, be it purely his on-court production or other factors at work behind the scenes, the Clippers have not seen it fit for him to be on the court much at all this season. Tucker is the kind of player that becomes useful in playoff scenarios, and he could still be useful for LA come April.

But if the team does not see him in their future plans at all, there is a decent possibility he could be packaged and sent off to another contender before the deadline hits.