3 Clippers who could get axed from Tyronn Lue's postseason rotation

Certain players may end up on the outside of the rotation looking in once the playoffs get going.

Amir Coffey, LA Clippers
Amir Coffey, LA Clippers / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
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P.J. Tucker

As we know, P.J. Tucker's experience with the Clippers has not gone according to plan. When he was traded to LA from Philadelphia as part of the James Harden trade, he was seen as easily the second-biggest inclusion in the deal. Harden was of course the clear centerpiece, but Tucker is a proven veteran, and one that the Clippers assuredly saw as part of their plans for the rest of the season.

In fact, P.J. Tucker is currently the second-oldest player in the entire association. He has as much or more experience than anyone in this league not named LeBron James. But when he officially became a Clipper, Tucker struggled mightily. After scoring at least two points in four of his first six games with the team, P.J. failed to score a single point in the next six games.

His scoring struggles combined with other troubles led to him being excised from Ty Lue's rotation altogether. He did not appear in a game for LA from the end of November until the final week of February. P.J. has always been known as a player better fit for the postseason than the regular season, but his complete and total absence from the rotation was a bit shocking.

Logic would say that Tucker could play bigger minutes once the postseason commences, but do not be so sure. Lue did not see him as a fit to play for nearly three months, so there is a chance he remains on the bench especially in the closing stretch of close games.