2 Clippers who earned untouchable status, 2 who could be cut loose

Several Clippers players cemented their futures with the team last season, while others became more expendable.
Russell Westbrook, Ivica Zubac, LA Clippers
Russell Westbrook, Ivica Zubac, LA Clippers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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This past season was a wild ride for the LA Clippers. After starting the season with the same core as the previous year, a massive change was made in trading for James Harden. Putting the former MVP in the mix changed the entire makeup of what the Clippers were trying to accomplish.

But despite having to adjust to such a big change, the team performed exceptionally well for the majority of the season. There were still ups and and downs as with any season, and the conclusion of the regular season was certainly less desirable than what happened in the middle of it.

However, all things considered, the Clippers came out of this year with a lot of positives to take with them into the future. Several players proved they could have a legitimate role with the team going forward, while others saw their stock fall.

Untouchable: Ivica Zubac

One of the best and most consistent players for the Clippers all season long was Ivica Zubac. The big man played to his strengths and was a monster on the interior, gobbling up rebounds and scoring around the basket. In an era where much of the focus has gone to perimeter play, Zubac gave Clippers fans something to be excited about with his dominant performances.

Zubac put up a career-high in points per game with 11.7 a night, while notching the second-highest rebounding average and field goal percentages of his career as well. He was a rock for LA, and we saw him take over games time and time again by imposing his will on smaller or less skilled bigs on opposing teams.

It should be noted that Zubac had great playmakers getting him the ball in his spots all season as well. What he acheived in 2023-24 is no small matter, and he certainly earned untouchable status on this team going forward.