Paul George’s comments after Clippers loss are concerning

Paul George, LA Clippers (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)
Paul George, LA Clippers (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images) /

Different types of players respond to adversity in different ways. So it was to be understood that when the LA Clippers lost their third straight game on Wednesday night to the Nets, not everyone in the locker room was going to have the same mentality.

But Paul George in particular had a bit of a troubling response when asked about the loss in postgame interviews. Everyone watching the Clippers is aware of how much talent on their hands, and how much pressure is on them to live up to expectations.

PG seemed to brush those expectations to the side with his comments. “I’m not worried about this,” said George. “Of course, we want to win these games. These are games we feel we should win, but it’s early in the season. Too early to even be in that mindset.”

Paul George’s comments do not express any urgency for the Clippers

This statement should set off alarms in the heads of Clippers fans everywhere. It is understandable to not put too much stock into any one game, or to not get caught up in the disappointment of an early-season game. But it seems that Paul George is pushing too far in the other direction. His words expressed what appears to be a lack of urgency.

George also went on to say that the Clippers have “too much star power here, great players here for it to not work.” Most would agree with that being the case in LA. But if that is true, then why is it too early in the season to have a winning mindset?

It will undoubtedly take some time for the Clippers to acclimate to life with James Harden. That much goes without saying. But it seems that there is a disconnect between the obvious talent level in the Clippers’ locker room and the expectation that they should be taking care of business against inferior talent here and now.

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