5 Blockbuster trades that get James Harden on the LA Clippers

LA Clippers, James Harden. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports
LA Clippers, James Harden. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports /
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LA Clippers, James Harden
LA Clippers, James Harden, Paul George. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports /

3. Clippers 2nd offer

The Clippers likely return with a bit more value in their offer. P.J. Tucker stays in Philadelphia, and LA swaps Marcus Morris Sr. for Terrance Mann. The guard is seven years younger and offers some added ball-handling and playmaking chops. Joel Embiid will make Philadelphia have an elite defense, but they will need a distributor to replace Harden.

The Clippers give up one of the league’s best sixth men, two capable rotation players, and one first-round draft pick to land Harden with Jaden Springer being throw-in strictly to make the math work.

The 76ers will push back here on the second year of Mann’s contract, the three years left for Powell, and the draft capital in return. Philadelphia has been clearing cap room for next summer this offseason. Would they trade for two players with multiple years left on their deal?

Daryl Morey is going to ask for additional draft capital. The Mavericks gave up two starters, one first-round draft pick, and two second-rounders to acquire Kyrie Irving at last season’s trade deadline. Morey will ask for two second-round picks, but it seems unlikely he accepts less draft capital than what the Nets received.

Philadelphia likely counters with an offer that looks like this.