10 Players the Clippers held onto for way too long

LA Clippers Elton Brand (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)
LA Clippers Elton Brand (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images) /
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3. Eric Piatkowski (1994-2003)

Everybody, please say hello to a man who retired as the Los Angeles Clippers’ all-time leader in games played: Eric Piatkowski.

His career reads much more like one of a European soccer player, one who—after a long tenure of service for the team—became a club legend despite rarely contributing at a truly high level. Piatkowski was a prolific three-point shooter in his prime and started a hilarious number of games for the dark age of Clippers teams.

Despite playing 616 games for the franchise, he played a whopping three of them in the playoffs, making Piatkowski emblematic of the Clippers’ lack of direction for a number of years. His tenure on the team should have been shorter because no one on a rebuilding team should be there for nine years.

Just look at the roster turnover of the Process Era 76ers. Nobody on that team stuck around for more than a New York minute, because keeping dudes who aren’t contributing to winning in the building is a capital B bad idea.

Piatkowski is a Clippers trivia category, but shouldn’t have been around that long.