This blockbuster trade would send Zach LaVine to the LA Clippers

Nicolas Batum, LA Clippers - Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Nicolas Batum, LA Clippers - Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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While the LA Clippers are working to fight away their losing miscues, the trade deadline should be one to remember for head coach Tyronn Lue and the front office. Not only are there quality role players available, but several stars may be on the market for the Clippers to target.

One of these stars is the Chicago Bulls phenom Zach LaVine. With the way the Bulls have battled through the season, it is almost guaranteed a significant move is on the way. Their front office may look to part ways with LaVine as signs of change start to grow.

As for the Clippers, Lue desperately needs another all-star who can play-make, create his shot, and push the offense into title contention. A talent like LaVine would give LA a strong sense of hope during their hunt for a championship. The front office should look into any package possible in order to pull off a blockbuster trade with the Bulls.

Do the LA Clippers have enough for Zach LaVine?

The asking price for an all-star like Zach LaVine may be high, but the LA Clippers have enough assets and cap room to hold a player of his caliber. Chicago will likely ask for a quality scorer and role players that may boost their seeding in the Eastern Conference.

Furthermore, the LA Clippers would have to dig into their depth for the Bulls to consider trading their franchise centerpiece. The front office must be willing to give up just about anyone outside of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, but not too much to the point where this move does more harm than good.