The LA Clippers should waste no time in targeting this young star via trade

Tyronn Lue, LA Clippers - Mandatory Credit: Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports
Tyronn Lue, LA Clippers - Mandatory Credit: Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports /

Despite all of the battles the LA Clippers have faced this season, one of the brightest spots has been the potential of their young stars. The front office used the draft to their advantage, especially considering that most of their picks have been mid-late second-rounders.

Moreover, there is one young star on the market that the Clippers’ front office could acquire for very cheap. The three-level scoring wing, Cam Reddish, is constantly being included in trade rumors. Though no reports have surrounded the LA Clippers, they should look to make a move, as Reddish could help the franchise long-term.

In addition, Steve Popper of Newsday Sports recently reported what the Knicks are hoping for in return. If all New York is looking for is a second-round pick, the Clippers’ front office should instantly give them a call. This is a trade that would help both parties.

That said, the former tenth-overall pick would be in a situation where he would immediately contribute to the Clippers’ title aspirations. Reddish’s size, IQ, and skill set are all components head coach Tyronn Lue can utilize. He would be the spark off the bench the team has been missing all season.

Acquiring Reddish would be a decisive step in the right direction for the LA Clippers.

Outside of being coached by Lue, Cam Reddish would be allowed to play alongside the best two-way duo with the LA Clippers. Not to mention Reddish was receiving comparisons to Paul George before draft night. This trade would elevate Reddish’s skill set in all aspects of the game.

Furthermore, since his rookie season, Reddish has never been able to thrive in the NBA. That would change if he were to be traded to LA. Not only do the Clippers have one of the league’s best developmental staff, but Lue loves to utilize his young talent. This is one of the many reasons the front office should make the acquisition.

Additionally, Reddish’s numbers are not quite where they should be, primarily because of his situation with the Knicks. He is currently averaging 8.4 points while shooting 44.9% from the field in only 21.9 minutes per game. The context of his role on the Knicks must be included when evaluating his stats this season.

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Nonetheless, playing alongside veterans like John Wall and Luke Kennard would also benefit Reddish down the line. By giving away a late draft pick, the Knicks could improve their rebuild for the future, and the Clippers would receive one of the league’s most hidden talents. This trade is a win-win, as Reddish would shine in the bright lights of LA.