LA Clippers change G League affiliate name

Nate Darling (Photo by Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images)
Nate Darling (Photo by Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images) /

Each and every night, the Agua Caliente Clippers fought tooth and nail on a nightly basis. As a result, the LA Clippers G League affiliate cruised to a 22-11 record, placing second in the Western Conference. While they have continued to improve and will look to capture a G League title next season, they’ll attempt to do so under a new name.

Clippers G League team has a new name

Officially, the Clippers G League affiliate has been renamed and will now take the court as the Ontario Clippers going forward.

Despite the name change, everything will remain the same for the Ontario Clippers, at least for now. Having played their home games at the Toyota Arena, they will continue to do so through the 2023-24 league year.

“The people of Ontario have supported this team since its inception in 2017,” said Gillian Zucker, LA’s President of Business Operations. “We look forward to extending our partnership with Toyota Arena, as we aim to build off the success of last season while taking on the name of the community that makes this all possible in the process.”

As for their on-the-court exploits, as previously mentioned, Ontario enjoyed newfound success this past season. In addition to making their first postseason appearance, Ontario breezed through said postseason until ultimately meeting their demise in the Western Conference Finals.

During the LA Clippers’ injury-riddled regular season, the franchise noticed Ontario’s on-the-court production. Subsequently, five separate players were called up to the big leagues, a franchise record.

With the Clippers anxious to begin their own regular season, after finishing with just 42 victories and missing out on the postseason action, Ontario is hopeful that they’ll mirror their counterparts and produce another stellar regular season, while reeling in a G League championship.

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