LA Clippers expected to pursue John Wall

John Wall (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images )
John Wall (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images ) /

Reggie Jackson was revered for what he accomplished last season as the LA Clippers leading man. The former Detroit Piston whisked LA onto his shoulders as Kawhi Leonard missed the entirety of the year with a torn ACL, and Paul George missing 51 games due to torn ligaments in his right elbow. Still, while Jackson provided the Clippers with nightly stellar performances, it appears as though the franchise is looking to upgrade the position.

According to Marc Stein, formerly of ESPN and the Washington Post, the Clippers are currently preparing to go all-out in an attempt to lure John Wall. Just last season, the former number one overall pick withered on the Houston Rockets, as he forced to sit and cheer from the sidelines. With Houston focused on developing their younger players, Wall was viewed as the odd man out.

Watching, as opposed to playing the game he once dominated, has become the new norm for Wall. During the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons, Wall played a combined 73 games out of 164. The following league year, a torn Achilles and ACL forced Wall to miss the entire season. He ultimately returned to the court during the 2020-21 campaign but would miss the entire season once more this past year, due to the Rockets’ emphasis on their younger talent.

Regardless of his recent bad luck, John Wall could provide the LA Clippers with a lot

Despite his litany of injuries, when given the green light to return during the 2020-21 NBA season, Wall got back to his destructive ways. In just 40 games, the former five-time All-Star sped past his defenders on his way to the basket as he scored 20.7 points a night. In addition to scoring the basketball at a high clip, Wall produced several unselfish nights, resulting in 8.7 assists per game.

At the moment, with LA strapped for cash, the franchise is hopeful that if Wall and Houston agree to a buyout, the soon-to-be 32-year-old will be willing to accept a somewhat paltry deal with the Clippers.

With LA placing a target on Wall’s back, the banner-less franchise envisions the former All-Star running full speed on the break with both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George filling the wings. As their championship aspirations become crystal clear, Wall could play a significant role on a Western Conference powerhouse.

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