Please Lakers, do the Clippers a favor, sign Kyrie

Kawhi Leonard (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Kawhi Leonard (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /

After years of being beaten down by the Los Angeles Lakers and consistently chastised by their fans, the LA Clippers have enjoyed their newfound dominance over their down-the-hall rivals.

Over the past 39 games, the Clippers have emerged victoriously on 32 occasions. But while Clipper faithful have enjoyed their yearly victories over their LA counterparts, the Lakers remain in the limelight. LeBron James and Anthony Davis have played their part in keeping the Lakers relevant. Sure, as a duo, the two have given their undying fanbase something to cheer about, but with back-to-back disappointing seasons, the Lakers are looking for a monumental change.

The addition of Russell Westbrook did nothing to placate the Lakers’ desire to rewrap themselves in championship glory. The surefire Hall of Famer gave the ball to opposing ball clubs, missed wildly on open jumpers, and sulked on the bench when he was placed there. The nightly boo’s he endured may have been nightmarish for Laker fans but just down the hall, Clipper supporters cheered him on vehemently.

Having missed out on the postseason last year, the Lakers are reportedly looking to make a change, namely with their disaster of a point guard. Recently, Kyrie Irving, the embattled yet talented headman of the Brooklyn Nets, listed both LA teams as possible trade destinations. Also, according to numerous reports, the Lakers have surfaced as Irving’s likely suitor, a development that will bring smiles to the faces of Clipper faithful.

Adding Kyrie Irving would push the Lakers to irrelevance

We’ll be succinct in our evaluation of Irving. He’s an otherworldly talent but has seldom been available during most of his Brooklyn Nets tenure, averaging approximately 35 games played during his three seasons. Additionally, Irving moves to the beat of his own drum. With the former multiple-time All-Star refusing to capitulate to the demands of New York’s vaccine mandate, he opted to remain home until he was ultimately given the green light.

Loquacious and defiant in his demeanor, while arrogant and aloof in his actions, Irving once again has Brooklyn pinned against the wall. In an effort to pry away his control, Brooklyn is reportedly unwilling to give Irving a long-term contract. As both sides continue to fulminate, Irving’s sudden desire to play elsewhere could push Kevin Durant out the door as a ripple effect.

Unsurprisingly, at every pit stop along Irving’s NBA journey, he’s left his former team in shambles. In Cleveland, although he was lauded for nailing what would later be categorized as the game-winning shot against the Golden State Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals, Irving’s departure during the 2017 offseason ended any of Cleveland’s championship hopes. While he would ultimately apologize to LeBron James for how he ended their working relationship, Irving’s propensity for leaving teams in ruins, only continued in Boston.

Despite telling everyone that would listen that he would re-up with the Celtics franchise following the 2018-19 season, Irving bolted for what he believed were greener pastures in Brooklyn.

Presently, Irving has become obtrusive to every franchise that he’s been a part of. So much so, in fact, that many around the media world, including well-respected journalist Michael Wilbon, view Irving as a “team killer.”

So, by all means Laker Nation, grovel for Irving’s services. The nightly spin moves and mesmerizing crossovers will leave you shellshocked and appreciative. However, with Paul George and Kawhi Leonard expected to return to full strength next season, Irving and James’ reunion will be rendered innocuous. Also, more importantly, should Irving sign his name on the dotted line and join the Lakers, as his track record would indicate, he’ll leave the once proud franchise tattered and in shambles.

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