Clippers act quick, sign defensive star after draft

Steve Ballmer (Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images)
Steve Ballmer (Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) /

The mundane draft of the LA Clippers wasn’t exactly surprising. In years past, LA has scoured the NBA world, making countless phone calls in an attempt to move up. However, considering their championship aspirations next season, coupled with the returns of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, LA held firm to their second draft selection. While they would go to select Moussa Diabate out of Michigan State, the 20-year-old lanky forward doesn’t figure to be implemented into LA’s immediate rotation.

As the Clippers’ brain trust wrapped up their quiet draft night, they immediately crossed their fingers and waited patiently in the hopes that their next target was still available.

Just minutes after the draft, LA had officially given an Exhibit 10 contract to former Loyola point guard Lucas Williamson. For those who are scratching their heads in confusement, allow us to explain what an Exhibition 10 contract actually is.

Essentially, an exhibition 10 contract is a one-year minimum deal. Only NBA teams with G-League affiliates are allowed to offer said contract. Also, in accordance with the CBA, no bonuses are attached, a caveat that is added only when both parties agree to it.

Can Williamson help the Clippers shore up minutes behind Reggie Jackson

As for LA’s sudden fascination with Williamson, the former head of Loyola’s offensive attack worked diligently on his craft. Following four fairly underwhelming years in which he failed to average double-digits in scoring, Williamson came into his own this past season.

The methodical guard averaged 13.7 points per game while providing a steady and reliable hand at the point guard position, something LA desperately needs.

Reggie Jackson, their current point man, played well all season long. Yet, with no other decision makers on their roster, LA became a turnover-prone and discombobulated bunch once Jackson hit the sidelines for a blow.

Clipper Nation might be unfamiliar with his game. So, over the next few weeks, with little to nothing expected to happen during the Clippers offseason, LA fans should pop in Loyola game tape and get up to speed with their new backup pg.

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